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Migration is natural and has been the entity of human civilizations. When a person finds better resources in a place, they tend to move and settle. But now, as Territory ...
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Study Abroad

Students who wish to study abroad and dreams of getting a better education. No matter where the foreign country is. If you have the will to learn, you will always get thr...
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Tourist Visas

Everyone wishes to travel the world, and some have it as a regular hobby to wander. Knowing about different places and cultures can be a complete bliss and a whole new ex...
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When you want to settle down in a foreign country, you will require a PR visa. PR visa stands for the permanent visa. Obtaining a permanent visa means that you can be a r...
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We are the best local agency for clearance and obtaining of different kinds of visas, immigration certificates, and assisting other procedures related to abroad. We are best when it comes to the country, as listed below. Our consultation team has experts that are specialized in these countries.

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  • Australia PR
  • United kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada PR
  • Canada
  • New Zealand PR
  • Dubai
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Malta
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • South Africa



Government Approved Visa Consultants

We are the agency that adamantly works to make the procedure faster and smooth so that you can travel to your favorite country getting your required visa without any trouble. We, with our expert consultation team, are working hard to get your work done within a few days. Here are some benefits that you might find with our assistance:

The main benefit that you will get through our assistance will be a smooth flow of procedures and easy acknowledgment of verification. We are a government-approved agency. So there is nothing to fear as all your data is secure with us, giving you accurate results within the time.



No Extra Hidden Charges

Many local Agencies charge more than extra for completing the procedures on your behalf or assisting you through various methods to obtain your required visa or certificate. We prioritize you before us. Our clients are like family to us. We tend to put their dreams first. We completely understand how important it is to get the required documentation so that you can fulfill your wish, achieving their goals. Our agency does not have any hidden cost for that purpose, letting you in ease. Clients come first before business.



Fast Secure and Easy Procedure

If you are thinking of registering yourself with us, then you are heading on the right path as we are the most prominent in our assistance and guidance, making the procedure easy for you. We tend to assist you and guide you in a manner that is fast, easy, and secure without any delay.









About Us


About Us

BK Travels is one of the best visa consultancy services in Bangalore and immigration consultancy India Pvt ltd (Bk visas) are a trusted name in the field of Immigration Counseling & Processing for Australia Permanent Residence, Canada Permanent Residence, along with Top Overseas Education Consultancy in India.”

No matter how many questions accumulate from your mind, like how to apply for a UK student visa from India or getting a student visa for Canada from India. We always have the best assistance and solution for you. Be it a student visa or immigration services, or tourist Visa. We can help you with all sorts of questions and doubts all around the world.

We at BK Visas pledge to get our clients settled wherever they want for whatever the reason is. We help our clients get over the procedures of obtaining a visa in terms of immigration for Canada and Australia, Education with a vast range o...

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Immigration Opportunities

Get the best opportunities for becoming an immigrant to the dream countries, clearing your process quickly with us.

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Suppose you are planning to become an immigrant aiming for various countries. Get a consultation now to see what exactly your future will be after becoming an immigrant. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? And how can you clear all your procedures to be one?

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