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Ireland, also dubbed the emerald isle, though small in size, showcases and spoils its visitors with an extraordinary number of artifacts and rare attractions, which range from natural wonders to many ancient monuments and museums and galleries.

Here are some of the top listed places to visit in Ireland:

Newgrange, County Meath

Ireland's most famous prehistoric monument, the Newgrange passage grave, originated within the Neolithic or New Stone Age period – around 3200BCE – and is older than Egypt's pyramids. Its most noticeable feature is that the roof box, which lies above the passageway entrance, aligning with the rising sun on the solstice to allow the tomb's chamber to fill with sunlight.

Giants Causeway

A wonder consisting of thousands of interconnected stone columns formed by cooling basalt, the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim is both a Unesco World Heritage site and a national nature reserve.

Blarney Castle and Gardens

The partly ruined Medieval fortress at Blarney is one among Ireland's most visited castles, with the first structure first inbuilt in the 10th century. This structure was built by the McCarthy dynasty in the 15th century. Explore dungeons and idyllic grounds that are home to wishing steps, a witch stone, and kitchen, and the Badger's Cave. 

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