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At the heart of Europe lies Germany, with many of its cities having a rich historical value, and finds itself in the list of many travelers. The most popular of the places to visit is Berlin because of its rich history. There's a lot to unpack with a hit of culture and natural beauty in a perfect mix.

Here are some of the top choices picked by the travelers who travel to Germany:


This lies at the meeting spot of Danube, Naab, and Regen. This is one of the oldest towns in the whole of Germany. Founded by the Romans, it is a trendy tourist destination, and it boasts a rich culture and history of almost 2000 years with its well preserved medieval old town.


It is situated on the banks of river Elbe, just a mere hundred kilometers from the north sea; Hamburg has been for a long time one of Europe's busiest and most important ports. It once was part of the Hanseatic League and is now Germany's second-largest city, as well as is noted for its maritime identity and rich nightlife.

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