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United kingdom

United kingdom

The country of the Royals is perfect for education and culture. People mainly from India visit Britain to study for famous colleges of Arts and Science. The United Kingdom is known to be very vast in the field of education. 

London and Edinburg are some popular places, to name a few that is a student hub. Cambridge universities, the University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics are famous names that everyone dreams of getting Chances into. Suppose we count a point of best cities in the United Kingdom for studies. London holds the global ranking of number one, Edinburg becomes second as the global ranking of 15, and Manchester comes in third with a worldwide order of 29.

We can say the United Kingdom is the perfect place for people who want to learn something new with the highest education structure in the world and the best environment. People who want to go to the UK from India don't even consider the language barrier. It is so because Indian English is the product of Britain English. That is as same as followed in the UK. It is easy and convenient for them to study and get scholarships.

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