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A Little Step Towards the Wonderland of New Zealand

New Zealand is of the top countries where people want to reside. It is the dreamland of many, whether it is education or work or to become a permanent resident there. Why not it be? After all, it is being counted in the world’s top safe countries, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle. To become a permanent resident in New Zealand, you need to acquire New Zealand PR visa. Interestingly getting a PR visa to New Zealand is not a piece of cake but not the tip of the iceberg either.

Here at BK visa consultancy, we guide to acquire visas in minimal bothering processes. We are assisting people with visas for different countries. In the same way, we would appreciate helping you to arrange New Zealand PR requirements so that you get a permit easily.

How Are New Zealand PR Requirements?    

Before you apply for a PR visa, you must know some criteria one needs to fulfill to become a New Zealand permanent resident. New Zealand is a country with high living standards. People there believe in luxurious living life. You can become eligible to become a permanent resident in New Zealand undoubtedly if you can be an asset to its economic growth. 

New Zealand only allows migrants with skills, work experience, and qualifications to apply for their PR visa. There is a point system where you have to score minimum excess points to get permission to apply for a PR visa. These points are distributed in sub-categories, so one has to achieve a minimum in each category to get invited to apply for a PR visa. These points are listed below.

  • Qualifications: A Bachelor’s Degree holder is assigned 50 points. At the same time, a major Diploma qualification and a Master’s or Doctorate Degree holder are given 55 points.
  • Employability: It is for your employability skills. If a person is a skilled employee, 60 points are given only if they are currently working for over a year. Those professional people looking for a job or have less experience of working than one year are given 50 points.
  • Work Experience: The work experience of people also matters a lot. People having work experience of 2 years are granted 10 points whereas the experience of 10 years is given up to 30 points. In addition, bonus points for growth evaluation in work experience.
  • Family: If a person has close family members already residing there, they get ten more points for existing family ties in New Zealand.
  • Age: Age is also a criterion for getting points. Thirty points if a person is around 20-29 years of age and up to 5 points for a person of 50-55 years of age.

A person must get a minimum of 100-130 points to get permission to apply for the visa.

Essentials to Secure New Zealand’s PR Visa:  

There are certain necessary documents and important information required while applying for New Zealand PR visa. Therefore, before you apply for a PR visa, first collect these essentials.

  • Points:  An individual needs to have a minimum score in the points system of New Zealand PR requirements as mentioned above to apply for a PR visa.
  • Age: It sounds odd, but age is another important criterion. Only people less than the age of 55 years can apply for a PR pass to New Zealand. This is only for primary applicants, not family.
  • Financial stability: One must have proof of financial support for self and family if moving with you. You must have sufficient funds for settling there, which further depends on the number of family members with you.
  • English language fluency: An individual and the family members have to present an IELTS score. For the main applicant, the minimum score must be six, and that for dependent applicants, it is 5. Remember that the test score must be less than two years old at the time of applying.
  • Medical certificates: Certificate stating that you and your family members should be approved of flying and staying in a foreign country.
  • Character certificate: Every member of your family, including you, needs a clear character free from involvement in illegal activity.

New Zealand PR Visa Processing: 

Gather all documents and apply for EOI (expression of interest) application with all information of family fulfilling New Zealand PR requirements. After this, wait for ITA (invitation for application) to finally apply for a PR visa. Pay visa fees and wait till you successfully acquire a PR visa for you and your family.


Carry all important documents, the medical information of all the family members with you for the first time flying. Sometimes medical history is asked in treatment if required.