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Accomplish Your Dream Education in the Top Universities of Malaysia

Malaysia is in the midst of those countries that allow students to study there. A government with top universities and institutions of the world is yet facilitating local and international students world class education at quite an affordable price. It allows international students through Malaysia study visa to study in its top universities.

Malaysia is in top priority country for the students who plan or have a dream to study abroad. This is because it provides universities, and the government of Malaysia often offers good scholarships to international students also unlike other countries. Furthermore, the cost of living in Malaysia is also low and affordable in comparison to other countries. BK visas fetched some information about student visas to Malaysia. We will help students secure student visas to study in their dream university in their dream country. We have a thoroughly professional team that research gracefully and allow students to get their permit. Our team is going to guide you throughout your journey till you obtain your visa successfully.

Obligatory Condition to Apply for a Visa: 

It is like necessary preparation before you apply for the visa. Select the course and apply to the university best fit for you. Complete all the details with signatures asked by the university. Hand over all the required documents asked by the university. Once you receive a confirmation letter from the university side that only proceed for visa application. Without this acceptance letter, you are not eligible for Appling for a student visa. 

Remember that universities in Malaysia offer three intakes of students in an academic year. According to this, you will have your first chance in February, locally called Spring intake, which is central and highly likely to take most students. The second is summer intake during July & August. If you miss the first chance, it is a perfect option to make it up. And the last is November or autumn intake, having a very slim chance for acceptance. 

Acquittances Compulsory for Malaysia Study Visa: 

certain documents are required with the application form to access student passes.

  • Valid passport: Every student flying overseas to study should have complete, valid access with no near expiry date. It is advised to ensure that you are not expiring before 6 months of your course or degree completion date. Attach two copies of the passport with the application form.
  • Medical certificate: The student must have an internationally valid medical certificate with in-hospital treatment expenses. It must be approved by authorized doctors.
  • Economic support proof: Student must have proof of complete financial support or evidence of self-dependence that you can arrange your accommodations and bear living expenses on your own. You are staying in Malaysia for one year costs around 50,000 INR for students.
  • Proof of security and personal bond: It is a certificate stating no criminal record and an unmistakable character.
  • Course evidence: Students must have proof that they have enrolled in a full-time course approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs with a letter of approval by the institute.
  • Passport photos: It is a must to carry some passport size photographs in case required. They must be colorful, clear, free from reflections and shadow. 
  • Academic transcripts: You must have all your essential academic certificates stating your qualifications. 

Application Process: 

Collect all the required documents stated above. Then fill the application form along with the necessary information and attach the documents requested. After that, pay Malaysia study visa fees. Further, you will receive information about the application status and approval of the visa post completion of the process. 

What is Malaysia Study Visa Fees:  

It depends on the course category, and the rank of institute you have enrolled in. for higher primitive institute visa fees is around 20,000-25,000 INR. For only primitive instate, it is 15,000-20,000 INR and same for the international accredited institute. And for public institute fees is around 14,000-27,000 INR.


In general, getting a Malaysia study visa is easiest than in many other countries. Still, if you have criminal offense history, submitting false documents, poor communication skills, and academic records, you may get rejected for acquiring a student visa as per protocols. So make sure whatever you are not involved in such a case. Provide complete and accurate information.