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Drift Across the World for Higher Studies Made Painless

Every student desire to pursue their education and degree courses from the world’s top universities with the method of their choice and priority. New Zealand also welcomes international students to study in its world-class universities via a New Zealand student visa.  Although, acquiring that visa is not a small task. There is a long and complicated procedure that has to be followed perfectly to obtain a visa. New Zealand student visa processing time is also very long.

BK visa consultants brought you a complete guide to get your student visa conveniently. Here we will discuss all the needs and essentials required to get a student visa. We have a professionally trained team that helps our customers throughout the process. They will assist you with what to do and what to not. In the sequence, we have already achieved success in helping students to acquire student visas to countries like Australia, Ireland, England, the USA, Canada, etc. Scroll down and get a complete guide to get a visa for your dream country.

Know Before Applying for a Visa: 

Students must know that to apply for a student visa, you ought to have a CAS that confirms acceptance for studies. It is an official letter issued by the universities of New Zealand confirming your admission. It is the very first and equally important document needed to file a visa application. No student can apply for a visa without this. Confirm your course duration before applying for your visa.

Official Documents Necessary for Applying for a New Zealand Student Visa:

  • Passport: Students applying for a visa should have updated and valid access that remains valid three months beyond their course exit date. It is the most important overseas travel document.
  • English proficiency: International students have to attach their IELTS scorecard with a minimum and an overall score of six; otherwise, you are not eligible to get a visa and university admission. Somehow it also depends on universities, course requirements, and grade of course.
  • Financial security certificate: The student should provide a certificate that they are financially secure and manage all the expenses. Or someone is taking care of all if you are below 18 ages. Your living expenses are around 70,000 INR to stay in New Zealand for one year. And for other uses and requirements, 30,000 INR additional.
  • Health insurance certificate: You must submit a health certificate approving that you can travel and stay abroad.
  • Character certificate:  A must-have character certificate proving you are a good person with no criminal record.
  • Proof that you have paid your university fees.
  • Passport size photographs for legal documents.

New Zeeland Gives Different Kinds of Visas to Students:

  1. The fee-paying visa allows students to stay and work there for 4 years.
  2. A visa for international exchange of student for 4 years.
  3. Student trainee work visa lets the student get practical training in between the course.
  4. Foreign government student support visa that can only be issued if students get foreign gov. approved loan.
  5. Guardian of student visa for parents of international students to stay with child.
  6. Vocational trainee student visa for those students who want to do professional training under any scholarship.
  7. Students who have a scholarship from MFAT of New Zealand apply for MFAT visas.
  8. Pathway visa to allow students to pursue more than one course for around 5 years.

New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time: 

you can apply for a student visa online and offline mode. You need an application form and attach all the documents it asks for and provide all the information in the application form.

A visa application takes a long time of 40-50 days to process in offline and online mode. If your visa application is up to the mark, you will receive information regarding acquiring a visa. Before that, you have to attend visa interview questions. An application fee for a New Zealand student visa is around 17,000 INR and may differ for application modes. At the same time, visa fees for a student are 16,000 INR approx. 


We recommend you to follow the process end to end. Make sure all your documents are updated if required. No records with flaws will be accepted, and your application has a high chance of getting rejected.