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  • Oct 09, 2021
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Here’s Your Ticket to Fly to the Country of Your Dreams, Canada

Visa consultancy services in India let you visit a foreign country. Visiting overseas is considered to be one of the most memorable and unique experiences one can ever have. There can be a lot of reasons for which one may visit a foreign country. It may be migration or for continuing higher studies or for visiting the country as a tourist or even for just settling down in another country permanently. People often decide to get inclined towards a country that gives a better lifestyle at a much lower cost. People even aspire to study in a suitable foreign university to secure themselves a successful life. Canada is one such country that fits in all these above descriptions. As icing on the cake Canada, the great white north, is considered to be a heaven for tourists too. It has a list of well-reputed universities and lifestyle there attracts many Indians yearly. But finding a perfect institution or consultancy that assists you in visiting a foreign country is quite daunting.

Choosing a good Canada visa consultancy in India can be overwhelming, with many options to choose from. The Canadian visa procedure may seem intriguing, but with the help of good visa and immigration consultancies, it will be a cakewalk. BK Visas are considered the best consultancy for Canada PR in Bangalore, which will assist you in this procedure.

What Are the Things One Must Keep In Mind When They Are Choosing a Visa Consultant in India?

The most important factor one must remember when choosing a visa and immigration consultant is that it must be providing a genuine service. It is advisable to opt for those consultancy services which are registered.

Follow these below-mentioned steps to figure out the best US visa consultant in India. 

  1. Cheque the online reputation of the consultancy you have in mind:  you can always learn about the reputation of a particular consultancy. You can browse through the published articles of those consultancies and also preview some of their client testimonials.
  2. Do visit the office of the visa consultant in Bangalore you are planning to opt for and ask them about the necessary.
  3. Be on the lookout for knowledge and expertise from a stop, never make a payment in a rush. Verify their expertise and experience and then only go forward with your visa process will stop be upfront about your demands.
  4. Cautiously lookout for fraudulent signs and remember that it is not a visa consultancy service that grants you the visa.
  5. Do not how your consultant can prove to be resourceful to you installed if you find them having a direct and Genuine approach. Know that you have founded a trusted visa consultant in Bangalore.

BK visas are the best consultancy for Canadian PR in Bangalore as they meet all these abovementioned criteria.

Why Go to Canada of All Places?

Canada visa consultancies in India and any immigration company in India will give you these below-mentioned reasons, which will make Canada the best option.

  • You get to live anywhere in Canada with your family for five years legally.
  • You get social benefits and protection under the law.
  • Unemployment benefits will be given to you if you lose your job.
  • Children below 18 will be granted free education and a subsidized fee structure for higher education.
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship right after three years of your stay, and this will allow you to travel visa-free to the USA.

How Can BK Visas Assist You?

The best consultant for Canada PR in Bangalore, the BK visas who are also considered one of the best visa consultancy services in Bangalore, and immigration consultants in Bangalore will assist you in the following ways.

  • We will help you apply for Canada permanent residency.
  • We will evaluate your profile and check your eligibility for the express entry program based on the requirements.
  • Based on the information we gather, we will suggest you the right program depending on reliability factors.
  • We suggest a suitable program for you besides offering complimentary French and IELTS coaching to those clients who want an international job profile marketing.
  • We ensure that you access all the necessary documents you need before creating your express entry profile online.
  • We arrange everything from your visa filing commerce stamping to ensure that you have settled comfortably in Canada after receiving your PR visa.


I hope this article has very well briefed you about why BK visas are the best visa consultancy service you can get. Whatever be your need, immigration, or continuing your higher studies, et cetera BK visas will help you settle securely in Canada.