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Helping You to Become a Permanent Resident in The Aussies

Australian PR process from India has become easy now, thanks to the best Australia PR visa consultancy in India like BK Visas. Every person who has strived hard to polish their skills at one point wishes to move to a continent or country that endows a person with all the basic facilities and some luxuries within their reach. Some leave for a better lifestyle while others visit a foreign country to avail better higher education facilities. Australia is a country that fulfills all these dreams mentioned above and the aspirations of a person. Students aspire to study in a well-reputed educational institution in Australia. At the same time, for people who work, Australia is a haven due to its welcoming nature and good work environment. The geographical and artificial wonders present in Australia make it a famous tourist destination too. Best immigration consultants in India always suggest PR Australia to anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest, enjoying all the amenities.

However, figuring out a good consultancy is quite daunting. BK Visas will assist you on the Australia PR process from India and guide you on your Australia PR visa eligibility, thus helping you to settle in the land of Kangaroos. BK Visas will also help reduce your Australia PR processing time. BK Visas will efficiently help you to get an Australia PR visa.

What is This Australia PR Visa?

The Australia PR Visa or the visa for permanent residency for Australia lets your work and settle in the continent for a generous period of five years. One can change their status after four years of official work in Australia. After four years, only you can apply for permanent resident status. This will also let you move freely anywhere with your family in India.

Perks of Having a Permanent Residency in Australia:

Owning an Australia PR visa will give you the following benefits-

  • You will have the freedom to work and get settled in any part of Australia without any hesitation.
  • You will be granted official permission for your family members to accompany you anywhere you go.
  • The children will be granted free education up to a particular age.
  • You will also be granted the eligibility to sponsor relatives for permanent to reside trial status. That way, you can make your whole family settle in Australia eventually with the help of an Australia PR visa. You will be given health benefits. Your family will also be able to avail this facility.

Australia PR Visa Eligibility:

The Australia PR visa eligibility is not as intriguing as it appears. You need to meet these below-mentioned criteria to gain a PR Australia.

  • Age: Your age must be below forty-five years
  • Point's Grid: You must secure at least sixty-five points
  • English Language Test: Securing a good score in this test is a must to qualify for the visa
  • Occupation: The occupation you opt for or are already working in must be a part of the MLTSSL list
  • Skill Criteria: You must have good skills and work experience. Your educational background must also be palpable. 
  • Lastly, you have to prove to the authorities that you are of good character and possess a healthy mind, soul, and body.

Australia PR processing Time and Process:

The Australia PR processing time and the process includes-

  • Skill assessment (it will take sixty days)
  • EOI (this depends on the score secured)
  • Visa Application (this takes sixty days post-ITA)
  • Verification and Medicals 
  • Approving the visa ( This will take three to five months)
  • Preparing for departure 

Once you get a green signal, you will have a period of six months to migrate to Australia. Although each of these stages mentioned above has a separate timeline.


BK Visas, the best Australia PR visa consultancy in India, will let you have a word with the best immigration consultants in India, thereby making your Australia PR process from India a piece of cake. BK Visas provide authentic services coupled with an upfront and genuine approach. BK Visas will adhere to your side until you get settled in Australia happily and contently.