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Grab Your Aspirations of Education Abroad

Ireland is one out of those countries entertaining international students to study in their universities. But taking an Ireland visa for Indian students is not a piece of cake. It has a long process and demands tons of documentation. BK visa is among India trusted visa consultants supporting students to get access to Ireland study visas. We have a supporting team that works professionally and provide a complete guide to students to receive an Ireland student visa without a single hectic day.

Every year thousands of students move to Ireland for higher studies. Still, some students miss their great opportunities as they fail to acquire an Ireland study visa due to a lack of information and incomplete documentation. There are some formalities which Indian students have to complete during Ireland student visa application.

Must do this in advance: If you are thinking of applying for an Ireland student visa. First, collect these things. To apply for a complete-time program in universities and wait for selection confirmation, enroll in the university. All these details are documentation in the visa application. Students must know the period of the course they are opting for. Make sure the university you are applying to is officially approved for international students. Otherwise, your visa application will be rejected. Pay tuition fees of the university and get receipt proof to get an Ireland student visa. When you know the course exit time, choose which kind of visa is suitable. “C” visa is for courses of 3 months or less whereas for more than this “D” visa.

Documents Required in Ireland Student Visa Application: 

Financial requirements: Students applying for a visa must have evidence that they will bear their expenses while studying in Ireland for whatever time. This counts your total expenditure with tuition fee, accommodations, traveling if required, and little extra money for emergencies and a little buffer. A report suggests that the average one-year spending in Ireland is approximately 6,22,000 Indian rupees. As evidence, you have to attach the bank statement of a person who will be paying for you, if not yourself.
Academic Qualifications: You need to submit your critical academic reports with your visa application. If you have any year gap, then its explanation with proof should be attached.

Statement of Purpose: it is a letter or written application by the student applying that you are a temporary visitor to pursue some courses which will move back to home after completing the course you enrolled in.

Character Certificate:  student will have to attach police verified character certificate that makes sure that you have no criminal record and also were not involved in any illegal activities. 
Medical Insurance: for every Indian student to purchase overseas medical insurance for immigration for the duration they are in Ireland to get an Ireland student visa. Health insurance ought to cover expenses of in-hospital treatment. Only then will it be considered.
English Fluency:  every international student is seeking an Ireland study visa; it's mandatory to have an English proficiency report card with minimum scores needed. You can opt for any one exam from IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE, OR CAE. This is not applied to European students.
Passport: Students need to have an updated passport with an expiry date after 4-5 months of your completion date of courses you have enrolled in. keep some passport-size photographs of yours with you if you need some documents.
Special for Indian Students: Indian students who want to acquire an Ireland study visa have to submit their fingerprint as biometric information, which can be collected from the nearest VFS Global office.

How to Exercise Application for Ireland Visa for Indian Students: 

Collect all documents and required information, fill the application form, and attach documents. Further pay visa fees of 9,000 Indian rupees for multiple entries and single access pay 5,200 Indian rupees. You also have to pay VFS Global an amount of 3,500 approx. As a service charge.

  • It is recommended to submit all valid and accurate documents while applying for a visa; otherwise, you will be banned from getting an Ireland visa for five years. 
  • An application takes 15-25 days to process to grant Ireland student visa.


Apply to the university of your choice for the course and wait for confirmation. After confirmation of enrolment, collect the document listed above. Complete all the formalities. Fill and submit the application form. Wait till the visa is granted, then only book your flights. Before final presents, check your documents carefully.