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Critical to International Student Visa

BK visa consultancy, the best student visa consultant in Bangalore, came up with incredible services to aid students who aspire for higher studies abroad. Almost every country in the world invites students across the globe to study in their top universities. And this unlocks numerous opportunities for the students who desire to learn some specific courses or want any international degrees. Australia is one of those countries which is immensely appreciated by the students for studies because of high standard education, rich culture, and soothing atmosphere. It allows students around the globe with an Australian student visa.

We assist you with peerless advice that an individual must perceive for applying for an Australian study visa. Our supportive and heartily dedicated team provides feasible support to our customers, putting us among the best visa consultants in India. A large number of students move to Australia from India to study. Thus, before applying for a visa, be aware of essential information about the Australia study visa process.

Prerequisites for Applying for an Australian Student Visa

To get an Australian study visa, you must be a confirmed student of any of its universities. So, apply for any full-time course and a degree in any Australian university or institute which allows international students. If your application gets approved, you will receive an approval letter called Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for the courses you have applied for. CoE is required to complete an Australian student visa application. Post applying for a visa with a particular CoE, if you change the course and the newly selected course is of the same or higher grade of study, no need to make changes in the application. However, if the course is of a low grade than that of a previously applied course, in that case, you have to go for a new application with a new CoE. 

Essentials for Australia Study Visa

The Australian study visa process needs some formalities to be fulfilled to get an Australian student visa. The student will be granted a visa only if these requirements and formalities will get completed.

  • Proof of English proficiency: Any student from a first language other than English or a non-English speaking country must have an eligible score in any English proficiency test. Popular tests to check are IELTS, TOEFL Ibt, PTE, or CAE. IELTS score of 5.5 is needed for diploma, score 6 for bachelor degree, and 6.5 for masters. Your PTE score must be 45 for a diploma, 50 for a bachelor degree, and 55 for masters.
  • GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant): It is a written personal statement by the student that authenticates that they are a temporary visitor to Australia for studies. And once you complete them, you will return.
  • Ammunition on financial adequate: Student has to submit proof that they can take charge of own expenses while living in Australia. Including course fees, tuition fees, traveling, accommodation, and some personal and additional money. Spending a year in Australia costs is close to AUD 20,000 that is equivalent to 10,95,023 Indian rupees.
  • Oversea health insurance: It is mandatory to purchase an Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) part of Australia's study visa requirements.

Documents Included in Australia Study Visa Requirements

Other than the above necessities, some documents are essential to get an Australian student visa. This comprises past fort photographs; keep some of them with you as they are needed in every document—an updated passport with a validity of six more months by the end date of your course. You have to give a copy of your passport to the visa office. And a character certificate showing you free from illegal activities.

Australia student visa application process: Post collecting all the documents, fill the visa application form and pay Australia student visa fees which is approx. 91000 Indian rupees for India. There are some additional charges of around 46000 and 23000 Indian rupees for the above and below 18 respectively. An Australian student visa application takes time of a month or more for processing till you are granted a visa.